Let’s get things rolling with a bang.  I’ve made another Hansi critter.  This time it is a very fine Angler Fish.  I am lucky enough to have a connection to one of the monster stashes of all time and so, this imposing fellow’s recipient provided me with some lovely ancient tweed teal stash yarn.  You can see images of this fearsome mini here.  Because I work on gifts most of the time, and with Christmas a scant 5 months away it will be almost all gifts, I’m going to start posting pictures to un-given gifts through links, so that non-recipients can check ‘em out, and recipients are, at least, responsible for spoiling their own surprises if they must look.  Also a little aside, Hansi has come out with a book.  It seems like the book has all the patterns that she sells on Etsy and some veggies.  All the same, I think it is very much worth possessing , personally, so that I can knit critters and watch movies on my computer at the same time.  (I’ve got Pdf directions and no printer.  C'est la guerre.)

Next I present the first of what I’m sure will be many appearances of the Domino Blanket.  It is looking lovely and while it may come first in my heart at the moment, it does not rank highly in order of priority, and so I don’t anticipate that it will grow quickly.  At present, however, it is very portable and will probably be making a journey on an airplane with me soon. 
A non-photographic interlude about the benefits of knitting in public (with other knitters): I recently took this blanket with me to a meeting of Monterey knitters.  An brief aside from the interlude: I had the realization while I was there that it was the first time that I’ve really “knit in public” (they have their meetings in a Boarders Bookstore).  (Also, I say “knit in public” in quotes because I frequently knit/crochet/cross-stitch on planes/trains/automobiles and in airports/train stations/gas stations, but for some reason I feel that impersonal nature of traveling people provides me with an invisibility cloak.)  Back to the interlude: the meeting was quite lovely, and one of the added benefits that I hadn’t really considered aside from being forced to leave the house, was that nice crafty people give great tips.  I know there are communities of knitters everywhere, but only having knit around close friends, I guess I just never have experienced being in a large group of relative strangers who all know about knitting before.  Folks really liked the pattern and the double knitting.  Like mosaic knitting, double knitting looks pretty amazing but isn’t that complicated.  I do my best to prove this to anyone that will listen.  Now I come to my point.  One of the lovely knitting ladies suggested that I learn to knit two handed.  She knew the technique worked well for fair-isle knitting and thought it would speed up my process for the double knitting, which is done by knitting with one color while pearling with the opposite color.  Well, I found this video YouTube video of some disembodied hands, using the two hand technique to make two colored ribbing (around the 1:00 mark), which is just knitting and pearling with the opposite color.  My only concern is that in double knitting you have to keep the non-working color with the working color, bringing it forward and back for pearls and knits, so that might complicated matters.  But I’m willing to try anything once, and since every row on the blanket is 350 stitches long, any accelerant is appreciated.
Also, the little monster is finished.  I don’t think his future owner ever looks here, so I’ll chance it and post the picture unprotected.  I’m not sure he would have worked up in the 3 hours forecasted by the directions, but he still would have been pretty quick if I had been able to just stick to it.
Due to reasons beyond my control I have the whole apartment to myself until December.  Certainly not in celebration, but perhaps out of spite, I’ve decided to drag all my craft things out of the closet where I can’t see them or get to them anyway, and arrange them in the living room.  I have a sense it will be a little like heaven, especially once I scrape together the cash for a sewing machine, I’ll let you know.  I’ve been recently trying to get a handle on my billion year task of making a grandmother’s flower garden quilt, the chronicling of which was one of the motivating factors for staring this blog.  I won’t be able to use the sewing machine for that project, but I think having everything in the living room might help it get started.