And what is this you spy, the last of the wedding blankets!  At least for a bit.  
I loved making this blanket.  I took just enough liberty with the pattern that I felt like I was making it mine.
Speaking of which, I could write a whole series of possibly not that interesting, emotionally fraught posts on the process I went through to find a pattern I liked for this blanket.  I ordered out-of-print books, I scoured the internet for the pattern for a particular cable I found on Pintrest, I designed an entire blanket by selecting cables from Barbara Walker's encyclopedic guides, only to find, upon starting to knit it, that the dimensions would never come out right, that the drape of the fabric was too stiff, and what was I thinking anyway picking these cables, they were way too fussy, and how would I ever know how much yarn I needed?  Finally I just took myself aside, said "you are making yourself crazy, just go find a nice pattern you like," and so I turned to Ravelry and found the very nice Burridge Lake Aran Afghan.  I wanted to make it slightly wider, I wanted to make it easier to attach the three panels, and ultimately i simplified the finishing on the edges, and I could handle that amount of alteration, whereas I just couldn't start from scratch.  
I added two more columns of cables to the blanket to increase the width.  I did slip stitch edges on the sides of the three panels so that I could crochet them together easily, and for the edges along the bottom and top I picked up all the stitches, knit several rows of the trinity stitch that appears in the panels, and then finished with an i-cord bind-off that i grafted to the column of knit stitches on the edges.  
I had thought I might do something else with the top and bottom edge, or I wondered if I should have done one more row of trinity stitch, but it is fortunate I didn't, because in the end I had this much yarn left over:  
This couple is getting married so soon and I'm so excited for them!  Because of my own impending big event I sent them their gift early and they are reportedly already enjoying it, though I hope from afar in this heat!
7/19/2014 12:45:03 pm

For the record, I love emotionally fraught posts. You amaze me. I wish someone would marry me so I can get you to knit me a blanket. Good thing a certain someone will never see this comment. He doesn't even read my blog.

7/19/2014 04:09:20 pm

Ha! If i were truthful, all my posts would have some emotionally overwrought aspects :)

7/19/2014 01:49:56 pm

I love it! Best one so far!

Sharon McGrath
7/23/2014 12:23:40 pm

Do you have a pattern for your wonderful conch shell - I would appreciate it if I could purchase same.
yours faithfully
Sharon McGrath


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