It seems like everything I'm working on of late is for Christmas, or for people I will see at Thanksgiving, or people I will see the first weekend of December, and because I'm blessed with many wonderful friends, all the recipients are also blog readers.   Which means that I could post photos of close ups of knitted fabric, but how can I when I'm knitting any time I'm not sleeping or eating? 
All that said, I am doing a small post today.  This is only a part of a gift, so the mystery will be maintained. 
That's what I've got to show for weeks of silence.  On the up side, I totally made the pattern up based on a fairly consumate knowledge of sock structure.  I even picked up a stitch at the gusset edge to keep it from gapping.  I used size 00 needles and sock yarn.  The decreases for the toe aren't ideal, but since no tiny foot is actually going into this sock, I'm going to let them stand. 
Additional trivia, the yarn that makes up the main body of the sock is the yarn from mosaic hat that I finished back in 2009.  And the ball is still biggern than a soft ball!  That yarn is going to last forever, I'm pretty sure. 
11/21/2010 10:45:48 am

So cute!


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