Boy it has been hot here.
Especially to someone from Norway.
Good thing he grew his beard to a modest length. 
Gnothing on Earth could compell me to knit a gnome gpenis. 
10/17/2011 07:34:13 am

If there's a single reason why those dudes shouldn't be wearing tiny duck booties I wish you'd cross stitch it over a reclining cat.

11/5/2011 10:19:47 pm

Of these are SO CUTE! and I don't usually like cute things, but these...adorable. Do you make up the patterns yourself?

11/6/2011 01:05:07 pm

Thanks! I should have mentioned it in my post, these gnomes were designed by the talented Anna Hrachovec. If you like them, you should totally check out her blog,


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