I was poking around today looking for a pattern for a knit bird and came across this total gem of a free pattern.  I will use the phrase "of course" now for those who know me.  Of couse I had to make it tonight, of course I had to make the beret, and of course I had to make it on my now favorite 000 needles with sock yarn.  Really, what isnt improved by making it with tiny needles and sock yarn?  He is 2 inches tall with his hat and is all set for a fancy night on the town.
2/2/2010 09:34:25 am

you didn't show me this while I was there. I suspect it is because you were afraid that I would abscond with him to Canada for the very unselfish reason that I would want him to meet his French-Canadian cousins

2/17/2010 07:16:55 am



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