So, though there has been a break in posts, there has been no break in crafting.  In fact I may have yarned myself out.  I have yet to block the lace scarf from last post, so no pictures yet, but hopefully soon, I need to get it in the mail.  On other fronts, I did complete a birthday present for a friend:

It is a headband, based on this bracelet pattern from Knitty.  Of course, my flash washed out the colors a little, so the ribbon is much more of an olive color.  I think that the best part about it is that it is knit from thread.  Working with thread for crochet is my favorite and it was only a matter of time before I knit with thread.  Of course the trouble with making anything with tiny thread and tiny needles is that it takes a long time to make anything of an impressive size, the thread crochet beds.  So hair ornaments it is.  

I do have some other half-started projects.  The embryo of a hat (with two weights of yarn, the dye of one comes off on my hands, which smacks of impending disaster and heartbreak), and the beginnings of a crocheted conch shell (which looks like a small desert explorer hat for a cat).  Pictures will follow if either of those fellows get to a photogenic stage.  I'm kind of having one of those moments like when I start a new book.  I'll pick up 3 or 4 and read the first page or two until I find one that can hold my attention.  And these are books I own mind you, books I think that I should read.  In the same way, I've been picking up craft projects, knitting or crocheting a few lines, and then not feeling engrossed.  They will all get finished, just like the pile of books by my bed, it just may take some time.  Right now I'm keeping busy not blocking that scarf by working on a cross-stitch of a family tree, a family tree that has spaces for my yet unborn children, so I can't work on it too quickly, but it is from a kit, I've taken no liberties with color or design, and so, in the end, there is very little of myself in it, no photos for now, though I'm sure at a certain point it will be impossible to resist.  There is artistry in execution as well, and a zen quality to following a chart exactly.  Viva rote crafting as a break from mental crafting!

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