Oh you guys!  I'm beginning to understand what blog after blog has been telling me.  I'm beginning to have a desire to go to Iceland.  After all that priming, I guess all I needed was a bag of surprise yarn and this postcard below to convince me.  
I mean really, look at these guys (and gals?)
The caption on the post card say:
A woolly coat comes in handy in most parts of Iceland, and the wool from Icelandic sheep is famous for its dual quality of warmth and lightness.  A protected breed, the Icelandic Sheep has remained genetically the same for over 1000 years.  Sheep roam freely all over the countryside in the spring and summer months, and are only rounded up in the fall.  
Work continues on the wedding gift blanket, and that cable I ordered in my fit of pique has almost arrived, which means I could start wedding gift blanket #2, but I think I'm almost ready to return to mother's birthday socks, which is what threw me into the tizzy in the first place :) 

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