I'm playing photo catch-up again.  Click the image for a link to the pattern.
It feels good to be friends with my knitting again!  On Friday there was no knitting because my husband and I went up to San Francisco to go to one of SF Sketchfest events.  We saw Ronna and Beverly live.  It was a fun night, and a late night driving back, but totally worth it. If you live in the bay area, there are various Sketchfest events going on all through February, so check it out.  
A wonderfully simple shawl I made for my boss who was kind enough to give me the yarn for Christmas.
The most thrilling part of Friday for me, however, was that I ordered Kate Davies new book, Colours of Shetland, and the yarn to make the Puffin Sweater.  Yes, in those colors, I wish I was wearing it right now already!
The yarn is literally coming from the Shetland Islands, (famous for their knitting, as well as tiny horses, for those not in the know.)  
The yarn was madelinetosh prairie and it was a pleasure to work with.
Pretty much everything about ordering from the UK is charming to my American ears, so the fact that I ordered from Jamieson & Smith Shetland Wool Brokers is just like icing on the cake.  Also the international shipping was the same as what a local would have paid in value added tax, so, excepting the longer wait, I've already had a great customer experience.  
Tiny Loch Ness Monster admires a tiny sweater with ukuleles around the yolk. (An old project I recently photographed and why not share it?)
Also, let it be known that despite the fact that the extra cable for my Addi Clicks arrived, I have not started Wedding Gift Blanket: The Return.  (Although that makes it sound like it is a wedding gift you can return, which we all know is the major kind of guilty failing of handmade gifts: the giftees have to keep them.  How about Wedding Gift Blanket 2: Knitting Boogaloo?)  Anyway, the cable arrived, but I was so comfortably ensconced in Wedding Gift Blanket one that I didn't even feel tempted to start. 
Upon ordering the Kate Davies self-gift basket, I knew I had better dig in to these Mom's Birthday Socks (which started my tizzy in the first place), and, in fact, yesterday I finished one.  So one more to go, well on schedule.  The second sock should take only about 1/2 the time of the first, because most of the time spent on this sock was spent trying to figure out the heel instructions, which, I don't know, they weren't really badly written once I figured out what they were trying to say, but they did confuse the heck out of me, so there is that against them.  
Dr. Pockets
2/4/2013 09:02:23 am

That shawl is lovely! The golden shade is great, and it seems like a bunch of eyes and eyelashes held together delicately.


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