Thanksgiving is coming up and that means the photos of the Under the Sea blanket will be posted in a matter of days!  Until then, a few tiny silver things to tide you over.
BAM!  Tiny Tiny Laptop
I wanted to make a tiny laptop that was tiny enough for a tiny Santa to use.  I'll tell you why later.  Sometimes you just want a tiny tiny laptop. 

 I used 0/5 sized needles, and one ply of embroidery floss.  Sadly, I couldn't work my tiny laptop pattern in the round, but I was able to work the pattern as written, working the rows flat back and forth.  I then graft the top closed and seam up the side and bottom.  The seam ended up being pretty invisible. The keys don't stand out as much as I would like, but we can't have everything, I guess.
BAM! Tiny Mailbox
This pattern is from Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi by Anna Hrachovec, same as the gnomes in an earlier post.  It was made for the same friend that got the magical mailbox way back last year.  It was made using size 1 needles and fit perfectly into a jewelry box for mailing.  
The tiny letter is separate and has it's own little face on the back.  Embroidering on knitted material is challenging under the best conditions, but I think that the initials on the front came out not-too-serial-killer-handwriting-ish.
Tiny Mailbox says "Your your mouth!"
Merianne O'Grady
9/4/2012 04:57:18 am

I'm a friend of your mom's and, now, a total FAN of you! Just loving looking at all you create. I have a dear friend who retired from the USPS. We actually bought his house here in VT. And, he left an old red and blue post-box on the property, but it's all rusted now...anyway, I'm wondering if I could send a photo of this whimsical one to him...I'm NOT tech-savvy, so not sure how to do this...

BTW, do you work at USSC? If so, you're multi-talented and very lucky! Almost went there, but students lived in tents back then...

MUCH appreciation!


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