I forgot to say yesterday that I also devoted time on Sunday to getting a handle on doing a consistent continental purl.  I turned to a favorite knitting resource, knittinghelp.comHere is a link to the page of videos on purl stitch techniques.  Perhaps necessity is the mother of invention, or maybe it is just luck, the wedding gift blanket has a lot of purling, and so I've been able to practice my technique.  I don't think what I'm doing can completely be called a continental purl because I'm not wrapping the yarn around my finger extra times to maintain tension.  I don't do this with my continental knit stitches either.  I can see that I seem to be getting much closer to the same tension now on my knit and purl rows in stockinette stitch (my English style purls were looser than my continental knits, you know, no so you would notice, but I knew). 
I really can't post without a picture.  (We'll see how long that lasts...)  So here is a "picture" of the wedding gift blanket. 
I'm 60% finished!  Three horizontal patterns down, two to go.  Perhaps I should be working on other projects that have sooner due dates, but after the recent bout of craft dis-pleasure, it feels good to be getting along on something.  

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