Once again I've been working on gifts, and so I haven't been posting.  I still have to figure out a way around that.  But at least one gift has been presented, so here are the Sweet Alice Socks:
They were worked using the Sweetheart Socks pattern on Knitty, and inspired by a lovely color combination I saw on Ravelry.  That person did their socks in a deep red, but I thought I would just soften it a little by using this old barn pinkish color for a more feminine heel and toe.  Mostly worked by knitting stitches together and making new stitches instead of real cables, and also worked in worsted weight yarn, they worked up quickly and are super thick and warm.  This was the first time that I worked an afterthought heel, so it was a fun technical experiment.  The afterthought is that you work a piece of waste yarn where you want the heel to go, and then once the sock is complete you take out the waste yarn, pick up the stitches, and knit the heel.  The only negative is that you can't try the sock on while you are making it, but since most of my recipients live far from me, that isn't really a problem.
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