A variety of explanations have been postulated over the years to account for sightings of the Loch Ness Monster. These may be categorised as: misidentifications of common animals; misidentifications of inanimate objects or effects; reinterpretations of traditional Scottish folklore; hoaxes; and exotic species of large animals.    -Wikipedia.org
This little buddy was knit with 00 needles and two colors of variegated sock yarn.  His body is stuffed, but his flippers are not, and his head stays up on its own, no pipe cleaners or wires, so he is even baby safe, though he is not intended for a baby.  The little horns are my favorite part. 
8/30/2010 09:39:36 am

Sheish. This is too much. I love this... every time I think "she can't possibly do anything cooler with yarn than this thing" you go and 1-up yourself. Nessie! Swoon.

8/30/2010 09:51:12 am

You are super sweet, but I feel compelled to say that the only real skill I will admit to here is the inability to get bored while scrolling through pages of search engine results for crazy searches like "tiny knitting".

8/31/2010 03:10:07 am

"The little horns are my favorite part."

The flippers are mine.

11/3/2012 05:54:19 am

This little guy is SO cute! Any chance that you'll be posting the pattern on Ravelry or on here? :-)

(Yes, my blog is in great need of updating!)

11/6/2012 01:11:36 am

Hi Val! The pattern was designed by Hansi Singh. Her patterns are for sale on Ravelry. This pattern also appears in her book, which is fantastic, called Amigurumi Knits.


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