My order came in from baglady.com.  I think I came to their site first through a Google image search for Herbert Niebling, the ridiculously beautiful knit lace designer (And I was pointed to Herbert Niebling by Franklin Habit’s blog).  I was lured in to the site by an image of the beautiful knit bag that you can see on the front cover the magazine here.  Also, Piecework seemed like too perfect a publication for me, and I’m going to subscribe.  I mean, the annual lace issue, with articles about Dresden lace, tatted lace, knit lace, and needle lace?  You had me at “annual lace.”  I’ve knitted lace with big needles and skinny yarn, but we all know I won’t be happy till I’ve knitted lace with tiny needles and thread.  It must be said, if there is a more technical way to do a thing, that is the way for me.
And then, once I was on the site, and ordering one back issue of a magazine, well, I was already paying $8 shipping.  So, I got the thread to make the bag, though I got mine in light blue.  I once came across the blog of someone making the Princess Shawl in light blue and I thought it was so beautiful.  I do have the pattern book for the Princess Shawl, bought in a fit of optimism, but lets not kid around here, that isn’t happening any time soon.  I’ll be happy enough to be knitting tulips with practically sewing thread and 00 needles. 
  And speaking of needles, those colored tubes in the bottom right of the photo are my new needles, 4/0, 5/0, and 6/0.  Here is a photo with my thumb for scale.  I swear I do not have a giant thumb that I have to drag around behind me.  Now that I see the 4/0 next to the 6/0 I think, why did I order such giant needles?  And whenever I go on bugknits.com, I think, why am I not ordering 11/0 needles?  I know why, I know why.  At the very least it has to do with all the projects that are sitting around the house half finished.  I mean, I’ve run out of canvas bags to keep projects in, and I have a lot of canvas bags.  Let me see what I can do about that. 

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